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Core Revenue Integrity Suite

PatientKeeper's core revenue integrity suite delivers a rich set of charge capture, aggregation, cleansing and reconciliation capabilities to ensure accurate, complete and timely billing for healthcare provider organizations of all sizes. The suite provides a foundation for smooth and efficient charge processing, including robust tools for billers and coders and a versatile charge entry app for providers, plus secure messaging and sign-out to facilitate communication among providers and between billers, coders and clinicians to clarify any charge questions or discrepancies before they impede the billing workflow.


Key Features

  • Charge aggregator -- Efficiently consolidates charges coming from multiple EHRs and hospital departments into a single, intuitive system for billers and coders to cleanse and reconcile
  • Charge capture -- Lets providers easily enter their charges on a phone, tablet or computer, supported by real-time code edits checking for common coding errors
  • Charge-note reconciliation -- Matches charges to clinical notes to ensure billing accuracy and completeness, and flag missing charges
  • Secure messaging -- Enables instant communication between billers, coders, and providers to address and resolve any issues
  • Sign-out -- Easily share information between providers during patient hand-offs to ensure integrity of care and billing 

"Without this technology, my team could not have a standard workflow and I would not be able to easily manage the charges that they code across the organization."

– Hilda Garcia
Supervisor, HIM Professional Practice Coding
Moffitt Cancer Center

Charge aggregator improves CBO efficiency

Billers and coders can quickly and easily aggregate charges from all EHRs, departmental systems, and charge entry tools across the organization in a single, intuitive system. PatientKeeper also applies automated logic to optimize the billing process, so accuracy improves and charge lag days are reduced.

Charge capture app simplifies provider charge entry

Providers can easily enter their charges into the PatientKeeper mobile app or on a computer as part of their standard workflow. As a result, billers and coders receive cleaner and more timely charges from providers, streamlining billing and collection.

Charge-note reconciliation identifies missing charges

PatientKeeper’s charge-note reconciliation tool automates the process of reconciling clinical notes and professional inpatient charges – from any EHR or billing system – to find the 10-15 percent of professional charges that many healthcare providers unknowingly fail to submit.

PatientKeeper offers a single, unified environment for processing charges from across the enterprise.

PatientKeeper provides billers and coders, many of whom are working remotely amid the pandemic, user-friendly technology to efficiently consolidate and normalize charges coming from multiple EHRs and hospital departments. It also applies automated logic to optimize the billing process. When used in conjunction with PatientKeeper’s charge-note reconciliation tool, billing professionals can match charges to clinical notes to ensure billing accuracy and completeness.