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Advanced Revenue Integrity Suite

PatientKeeper's advanced revenue integrity suite integrates financial reporting and clinical documentation functionality into biller, coder, and provider workflow. The suite augments capabilities delivered in PatientKeeper's core revenue integrity suite by tightening the linkage between clinical care and billing, and providing financial analysis tools to ascertain how certain providers, groups or departments are performing relative to others and/or against established goals.


Key Features

  • NoteWriter -- Provides billers and coders ready access to "the source of all truth" regarding services delivered to ensure accurate and complete billing
  • Financial reporting -- Delivers new insights into charge information with visual dashboards, detailed reports, and ad hoc analysis

"Without this technology, my team could not have a standard workflow and I would not be able to easily manage the charges that they code across the organization."

– Hilda Garcia
Supervisor, HIM Professional Practice Coding
Moffitt Cancer Center

Integrated documentation

Using PatientKeeper NoteWriter, physicians can document and charge within one integrated workflow. Sharing information between the note and associated charges – such as service date or diagnoses – streamlines the charge capture process and improves accuracy. And like many other PatientKeeper capabilities, NoteWriter can be used by providers on mobile and desktop devices.

Sophisticated charge analytics

PatientKeeper Analytics is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use analysis and reporting tool that gives organizations a complete decision support environment for analyzing the billing data aggregated and processed in PatientKeeper. It highlights relationships, correlations, patterns, and other analytical insights to pinpoint problem areas.

PatientKeeper excels at meeting the charge processing needs of complex healthcare provider environments.

Even with COVID-19 vaccines now available, the healthcare industry continues to face financial challenges as it navigates a perfect storm of declining revenue, increased consolidation, and ongoing impacts of the pandemic. Therefore, there is an urgent need at provider organizations -- especially large IDNs, academic medical centers, and multi-specialty practice groups -- for technology that can streamline complex billing processes to improve cash flow and maximize revenue. And that is PatientKeeper's unique expertise.

When PatientKeeper finds missing charges, the revenue impact can be significant: