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PatientKeeper Sign-Out lets physicians easily communicate key information, tasks, and care instructions to their coverage

Key Features

  • Transfers the patient list and all outstanding tasks to the covering provider
  • Saves time for physicians with pick-lists, auto-fill, and custom fields
  • Designate when tasks are due and check-off completed task
  • Select from  pre-defined tasks-such as “remove sutures” and “check pre-op labs”

Saves Time for Physicians

Pick lists, auto-fill, and custom fields are among the ease-of-use features that make life easier for physicians.

Streamlines the Sign-Out Process

A physician can easily transfer their patient list and all outstanding tasks to the covering provider.

Enhances Patient Safety

Improving provider-to-provider communication is a key to enhancing patient safety.

Ensure continuity of care with PatientKeeper Sign-Out.

PatientKeeper Sign-Out improves communication and workflow between physicians at the transition of care. It is a continuity of care tool that efficiently communicates the most pertinent patient information, enhances patient safety, facilitates faster discharges, and aids compliance with Joint Commission national patient safety goals. Physicians save time, while avoiding missed tasks or overlooking crucial patient information that needs to be passed along at shift changes.