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PatientKeeper Physician Portal Gives Providers a Unified Information Environment

Physicians no longer need to learn and navigate multiple hospital systems. PatientKeeper gives providers a single software environment to work with a comprehensive set of clinical data from multiple hospital applications, accessible from any web browser.


Supports Informed Decision-Making

PatientKeeper creates a complete, holistic picture of a patient's clinical data for the physician.

Conforms to Each Physician's Work Style

Providers can customize the appearance and usage of all screens to reflect their needs, specialties, and workflow.

Saves Time and Increases Physician Satisfaction

Having all of a patient's information displayed clearly in one place means physicians don't have to hunt for data.

With the PatientKeeper Physician Portal, physicians can focus on what matters most – patient care.

PatientKeeper Physician Portal™ is the physician-centric solution that aggregates longitudinal patient information from disparate transactional and clinical information systems. The result is a much easier and effective IT user experience for physicians, enabling them to quickly see lab and test results, medication histories, allergies, vital signs, inputs/outputs, and other important clinical information – all at the point of care.


PatientKeeper Physician Portal allows providers to customize the appearance and usage of all screens to reflect their needs, specialties, preferences and workflow. It graphs lab and test results over extended time periods to identify possible trends or complications, and presents new information in bold and generates alerts where special attention may be warranted.