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Go from Paper to Electronic Notes, Painlessly, with PatientKeeper NoteWriter

PatientKeeper NoteWriter™ lets hospitals and physician practices replace paper and transcription with immediately accessible, legible electronic notes. NoteWriter puts all relevant patient information in one place, giving clinicians easy access to clinical data for simultaneous review and inclusion within notes.


Eliminate Transcription Costs

NoteWriter's ease of use means hospitals can eliminate an often costly step in the documentation process that introduces the potential for error.

Improve Communication and Continuity of Care

Using NoteWriter saves physicians time and improves communication of pertinent new patient information across the care team.

Increase Billing Accuracy and Completeness

NoteWriter is designed to fully and easily integrate with other PatientKeeper applications, including PatientKeeper Charge Capture.

PatientKeeper enables physicians to easily and efficiently create electronic notes.

PatientKeeper NoteWriter enables clinicians, using just a few mouse clicks, to quickly and easily create robust, complete, daily progress notes and other encounter documentation. Notes are based on user-specific templates and can be automatically populated with your patient’s demographic and clinical information – users can easily import lab results, medications, test results, vital signs, I/Os and more directly into the note.



NoteWriter facilitates communication among the entire healthcare team by creating a single source of patient information that is available through any Web browser. Immediate availability of clinical documentation accelerates billing cycles and results in more accurate revenue. And NoteWriter helps physicians meet Meaningful Use objectives by maintaining a comprehensive list of current and active problems as a by-product of documentation.