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Providing Physicians Easy, Secure Access to Patient Information from iOS and Android Devices

PatientKeeper Mobile Clinical Results™ is a native app for smartphones and tablets that provides physicians with a complete view of patient clinical data, anytime, anywhere.


"PatientKeeper gives me great flexibililty. I used to have to go find a computer and log in; if I wasn't in the hospital I'd have to find a way to get to the hospital. Now it's just so easy at the tip of my fingers to access all my patient information."

– Kevin Finnegan, M.D.
TriStar Summit Medical Center

One-Tap Access at the Point of Care

Physicians can bring their patient records to the bedside, making them a valuable patient communication and care tool.

Highest Security Standards

PatientKeeper uses AES technology to ensure the highest possible level of security without sacrificing system performance.

Streamline Rounding

PatientKeeper eliminates “chart chase” and the need to log into terminals to access patient information.

PatientKeeper lets physicians use health IT as they want to — with total flexibility.

Physicians are avid users of smartphones; nearly every doctor has one. The growth and sophistication of mobile devices has led to continued demand for and use of mobile clinical workflow applications. PatientKeeper Mobile Clinical Results gives physicians anytime, anywhere access to a comprehensive set of clinical data from virtually any device.


With PatientKeeper, physicians no longer have to hunt down a hospital workstation or navigate multiple systems to access the patient information they need. Mobile Clinical Results brings all of the patient’s clinical data together on a provider's smartphone or tablet.