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Now Physicians Have Secure Messaging with Embedded Patient Context

PatientKeeper Messaging™ is a real-time communication tool integrated within PatientKeeper’s mobile and web-based applications that enables secure messaging with embedded patient context among physicians and others on the care team.

Improves Care Team Communication

PatientKeeper makes communication between providers easier, faster, and safer. Common uses include consult requests, patient-specific status updates, and biller-to-provider questions about charges.

Integrates Photos and Patient Context within Messages

The ability to include patient context with messages makes the communication more clinically meaningful, and gives the recipient immediate access to the full patient record.

Safeguards Protected Health Information

PatientKeeper's secure messaging infrastructure, integrated within the overall PatientKeeper environment, ensures HIPAA compliance.

PatientKeeper enables providers to communicate instantly within their familiar electronic work environment.

PatientKeeper Messaging is an integrated communication tool within the PatientKeeper application, so messages can be sent and received within the normal workflow of patient data review.  Physicians don't have to stop and go elsewhere to send a message, and all the information that might need to be included in a message is right at the user's fingertips.


PatientKeeper Messaging is a way for physicians to save valuable time, since it helps avoid phone tag and other communication bottlenecks. Providers quickly can share necessary information with appropriate details, including photos and links to patient records, enhancing patient care and safety. And secure messaging is vital for HIPAA compliance.