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Medication Reconciliation

For years, hospitals, clinicians and patients have struggled to find efficient and effective ways to manage medications at each transition in care. PatientKeeper Medication Reconciliation ends the struggle.

Key Features

  • Integration with CPOE
  • Clinical alerts and interaction checking
  • Readily identify home vs. hospital meds, and continued vs. discontinued meds
  • Maintain established nursing workflow

Integration with CPOE

Physicians can reconcile home medications and place admission orders for continued meds as part of one, integrated process.

Easily Create Discharge Orders

Physicians can seamlessly continue hospital medications as discharge orders while reconciling discharge medications from within a single screen.

Maintain Established Nursing Workflow

PatientKeeper interfaces with existing nursing documentation systems to pull home medications for review and edit by the physician, so there's no duplication of effort.

Integrated workflow is the key value-add for physicians with PatientKeeper.

PatientKeeper Medication Reconciliation™ is the integrated solution for physicians, designed to support their workflow by allowing them to efficiently manage their patients’ medications from within a single system. PatientKeeper makes it easy for physicians and other clinicians to electronically track and transition patient medications from home to hospital at time of admission, and back to the home at time of discharge via our integrated ePrescribing application.