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PatientKeeper ePrescribing allows physicians to place medication orders electronically with a patient’s local pharmacy when the patient is discharged from the hospital, completing a fully electronic discharge med rec workflow.

Key Features

  • Certified by ONC and Surescripts
  • Integrated with PatientKeeper Medication Reconciliation
  • Automatically checks patient's insurance

Certified by ONC and Surescripts

PatientKeeper is certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2, and for sending new prescriptions, checking prescription benefits, and more.

Integrated with PatientKeeper Medication Reconciliation

With one additional click, physicians can create a prescription using orders already in the system from the patient's hospital stay.

Automatically Checks Patient's Insurance

PatientKeeper informs the physician how each prescription will be covered and provides alternatives when necessary.

Save time and ensure complete and effective e-prescribing with PatientKeeper.

PatientKeeper ePrescribing™ helps patients, physicians and pharmacists save time and effort by streamlining the medication ordering process at discharge.  As part of a fully-electronic discharge medication reconciliation workflow, ePrescribing reduces adverse drug events and improves medication adherence.  Patients are more likely to take their medications if they have been prescribed drugs they can afford, and if those medications are waiting to be picked up at the patient's preferred pharmacy.