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Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

Virtually every U.S. hospital, and a growing number in Canada, now have CPOE systems. But not many have a CPOE system that is intuitive, convenient, and that actually saves physicians time — in other words, CPOE that physicians want to use. That's where PatientKeeper CPOE™ comes in.


Key Features

  • One-click orders
  • Anytime, anywhere ordering from mobile devices
  • Readily accessible order sets
  • Instinctive user interface

"The best feature of PatientKeeper is being able to enter orders on the fly. I do it while I'm talking to the patient in their room. My patients are happier, and the nurses don't have to track me down. PatientKeeper makes my life easier."

– Matthew Milligan, M.D.
Family Medicine/Primary Care
TriStar Summit Medical Center

One-Click Orders

PatientKeeper CPOE saves physicians time throughout the day by making it easy for them to place one-click "favorite orders", or order again from lab results.

Order Sets for Best Practice

PatientKeeper makes it easy for physicians to order from sets to promote safe, efficient, and evidence-based patient care.

Anytime, Anywhere Orders

With PatientKeeper's mobile CPOE app, available for iOS and Android devices, a hospital can virtually eliminate telephone orders, which consume a great deal of time for physicians, nurses and other staff.

PatientKeeper is an intuitive, physician-facing complement to a hospital's existing EHR system

PatientKeeper CPOE was designed based on physician workflow, so it is quickly and easily adopted by physicians. They are able to translate all of the things they normally do throughout the day — ordering labs, radiology, meds, etc. — into a seamless system that connects all of the appropriate departments within the hospital and healthcare community. Other order-entry systems focus on the way the departments receive data, instead of how orders are entered; we design with the physician in mind.