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Clinical Communications Suite

PatientKeeper's Clinical Communications Suite integrates secure messaging with embedded patient context, mobile patient data access, and other functionality to streamline communication and collaboration among members of the extended care team, all in an affordable, hosted solution that complements the existing EHR system.


Key Features

  • Secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant
  • Support for many provider, ancillary and administration workflows
  • Automated notifications generated by provider workflows with links to the full patient record
  • Open APIs allow messages to be sent to and from third-party applications or systems

HIPAA-compliant messaging

Our secure, real-time communication tool enables text chat, with embedded patient context, among providers and other users

Clinical results viewing

PatientKeeper delivers a complete view of a patient’s clinical record on a smartphone or tablet, aggregated from the hospital's existing EHR system of record and other clinical systems


Automatically transfers the patient list and all outstanding tasks to the covering provider, along with quick notes highlighting the most pertinent patient information to ensure consistent care