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Improve Revenue with Electronic Charge Capture for Physicians 

Capturing physicians' charges -- accurately, completely, and immediately -- is vital to the financial well-being of every healthcare provider organization. PatientKeeper Charge Capture increases revenue and cash flow through more efficient charge capture and smarter coding.


"Since the implementation of PatientKeeper, we have decreased our charge lag which has helped increase our revenue."

– Ann Chandler
Systems Analyst
Tulane University Medical Group

Runs on all computers and mobile devices

Physicians can easily input their charges on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Automatically checks for common coding errors

Billers and coders receive cleaner charges from providers, streamlining billing and collection.

Offers physician-friendly problem searches

Physicians can search for diagnosis codes using familiar clinical terminology.

PatientKeeper Charge Capture automates the billing process from within your
physicians’ existing workflow.

By ridding your billing process of paper-based charges, PatientKeeper Charge Capture ensures that every charge gets submitted in a timely fashion – directly impacting your practice’s revenue. No more manually reconciling multiple patient lists with charge tickets.  And PatientKeeper Charge Capture dramatically reduces the need for billing staff to consult clinicians about charges submitted days or weeks earlier. With ready access to clinical notes and communication tools, staff can easily resolve issues without the need to interrupt physicians or delay the submission.



PatientKeeper Charge Capture - Office Edition lets physician practices of any size capture their professional charges electronically using an affordable, easy to install hosted version of the intuitive PatientKeeper software that leading hospitals and health systems find so helpful.