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Core Clinical Communications Suite

PatientKeeper's Clinical Communications Suite integrates clinical results viewing and secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging with embedded patient context, plus sign-out, giving providers a core set of capabilities, accessible on mobile and desktop devices, to streamline communication and collaboration among members of the extended care team. PatientKeeper complements and optimizes the existing hospital EHR system. Clinical Communications Suite is the foundation upon which all of PatientKeeper's intuitive, provider-facing clinical workflow capabilities are built.


Key Features

  • Clinical results viewing -- Access notes, lab and test results, and images from a patient's EHR record and departmental systems on mobile devices and computers
  • Secure messaging -- Exchange encrypted, HIPAA-compliant messages with embedded patient context among members of a patient's extended care team
  • Sign-out -- Improve communication and workflow between providers at transitions of care to avoid missing tasks or overlooking crucial patient information

"PatientKeeper gives me great flexibility. I used to have to go find a computer and log in; if I wasn't in the hospital I'd have to find a way to get to the hospital. Now it's just so easy at the tip of my fingers to access all my patient information."

– Kevin Finnegan, M.D.
TriStar Summit Medical Center

One-Tap Access to Records

Using a phone or tablet, providers can bring their patient records -- including lab and test results, medication lists, and more -- to the bedside, making them a valuable patient communication tool to provide care-in-the-moment. The information also is available via an intuitive web-based portal.

Care Team Coordination

Secure messaging with links to the patient record and images is an effective way to rapidly communicate among members of a care team. Messaging saves valuable time, since it helps avoid phone tag and other communication bottlenecks.

Smooth Transitions of Care

PatientKeeper Sign-Out ensures each patient hand-off is accompanied by the key information the next covering provider needs to know. Share priority tasks and care instructions using a standardized process to comply with Joint Commission recommendations.

PatientKeeper lets physicians use health IT as they want to — with total flexibility.

Physicians are avid users of smartphones; nearly every doctor has one. The growth and sophistication of mobile devices has led to continued demand for and use of mobile clinical workflow applications. PatientKeeper delivers a complete view of a patient’s clinical record on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, aggregated from the hospital's existing EHR system of record and other clinical systems. Anytime, anywhere access to patient information affords providers the flexibility they need to deliver care-in-the-moment to patients, across different care settings, specialties, and situations. Combined with secure messaging, which significantly improves care team communication and collaboration, the overall patient care experience is enhanced dramatically.