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PatientKeeper Integration

PatientKeeper offers connectivity to and integration with a wide range of clinical systems -- from core hospital information systems and departmental systems, to practice management and scheduling systems, to ambulatory EMRs. Patientkeeper enables integration with these systems in a variety of ways:

  • Direct Integration -- PatientKeeper's system-specific adapters enable you to directly connect PatientKeeper to a variety of popular clinical systems including MEDITECH® MAGIC, MEDITECH Client/Server, and GE Centricity® Business (IDX). PatientKeeper's highly tuned application-specific interfaces use sophisticated caching to deliver outstanding performance and minimize load on your current systems.
  • Data replication in a PatientKeeper Repository -- The PatientKeeper Repository acts as a clinical data repository and maintains a complete longitudinal medical record for your patients. Since the repository is logically and physically separate from your primary systems, it has the advantage of offering you a full downtime solution as well.