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White Papers

PatientKeeper Benefits Summary

An overview of the benefits of PatientKeeper's physician workflow applications.

Realize More Value from MEDITECH

Overlaying integrated physician-friendly applications on top of existing MEDITECH installations helps hospitals compete in their communities and attain Meaningful Use sooner.

Providing a Single, Integrated Mobile App and Other Keys to Successful Physician Adoption of mHealth

Full clinical workflow support through a single app that integrates with EMRs and other clinical applications will be required to realize the full benefits of mHealth for both physicians and hospitals.

Toward Meaningful Usability: Five Keys to Creating Physician Centric CPOE

CPOE solutions must save physicians time; if they are merely "time-neutral", there's no compelling "tactical" advantage for physicians to use them. To date, such time savings through CPOE has not been widely achieved. However, it is possible - if CPOE system design is predicated on five key tenets.

The Complementary Role of Charge Capture in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Implementation

Healthcare facilities can achieve a rapid, tangible ROI from a best-of-breed Charge Capture solution in weeks