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      Physician-Friendly Order Entry


PatientKeeper clinical workflow applications overlaid on a hospital EHR are the difference between grudging physician use of the EHR, and delighted physician use. That's because PatientKeeper is designed to support a physician's existing workflow. For example, PatientKeeper CPOE™ doesn't force you to learn a new way of practicing medicine; it respects your knowledge, and understands your language -- and you can be up and running on the software in just 15 minutes. Same is true for our medication reconciliation and physician documentation applications. See why physicians are happier and more efficient using PatientKeeper.
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Typical hospital EHRs frustrate physicians because they are cumbersome to use. That's bad for patient care, and bad for business. Don't settle for frustration; instead, overlay your EHR with PatientKeeper physician workflow applications. They're easy for physicians to use, and quick to learn. Discover how PatientKeeper can drive real ROI and physician satisfaction at your institution.
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IT Leadership

PatientKeeper offers the most physician-friendly physician workflow applications available, so user adoption and satisfaction is assured. It's also IT-friendly: Deployment is straightforward, thanks in part to PatientKeeper's proprietary tools; and users require minimal training because the software is so intuitive. And since PatientKeeper is an overlay to existing hospital information systems, it works with whatever IT infrastructure you already have. See why hospital IT directors love PatientKeeper.
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