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Mobile Platform

A Secure, Native App from the Pioneer in Physician Mobility

Physician adoption of mobile devices has the potential to profoundly impact the practice of clinical medicine. The rapid and deep adoption of smartphones and tablets by physicians has given rise to an entire sub-category of healthcare IT called mHealth. But while mobile devices were the critical first step in the mHealth movement, mobile medical apps that run on these devices will play a pivotal role in the ultimate success of mHealth going forward.

PatientKeeper is at the forefront of mHealth apps, because we:

  • Support the devices physicians use — iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Give physicians the flexibility to manage their patients’ care from a handheld device
  • Enable physicians to view accurate and up to date lists of patients and their current locations for rounding and daily care management
  • Let physicians see a complete and updated view of a patient’s clinical record aggregated from multiple clinical systems, all from a single app
  • Allow physicians to capture charges and view charge status indicators
  • Reduce the need for verbal orders by providing an efficient app for entering orders from anywhere, inside or outside of the hospital
  • Give physicians the option of using a tablet as their primary device to support their full workflow

PatientKeeper has been one of Modern Healthcare magazine's "Most Important Mobile Medical Apps" for the past 3 years