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      Physician Workflow on Mobile Devices


PatientKeeper puts patient data in your pocket -- on your smartphone or tablet -- so it's accessible to you anytime, anywhere. But PatientKeeper gives you more than just access: with our Mobile CPOE, Medication Reconciliation and Charge Capture, you can act on that information, quickly and easily, at the patient's bedside, saving valuable time. And because PatientKeeper is designed to support a physician's workflow, it doesn't force you to learn a new way of practicing medicine; it respects your knowledge, and understands your language.
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Physician efficiency and productivity is vital to your institution -- and so too is physician satisfaction. By extending your hospital's EHR to physicians' smartphones and iPads with PatientKeeper's native mobile app, you can ensure all three. Physicians appreciate the convenience of accessing clinical applications on their mobile devices. And because PatientKeeper software is designed with physicians' workflow in mind, they'll use it even more. Which gives your hospital a faster path to sustained Meaningful Use and the patient safety benefits that stem from a highly-utilized EHR system.
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IT Leadership

Physician use of smartphones and tablets has skyrocketed, and one of their favorite uses is accessing patient records. PatientKeeper lets them do that, and a lot more -- like place orders, reconcile meds, document encounters, and enter charges. PatientKeeper's mobile app is completely secure -- it is enterprise-class software that does not rely on the security built into the devices. And because PatientKeeper is an "overlay" to your current HIS and IT infrastructure, it fully leverages your existing IT investments. By deploying PatientKeeper, IT can be a "hero" to physicians: you give them a physician-friendly app that supports their workflow, and that let's them leverage their favorite mobile devices.
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