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White Papers from PatientKeeper

PatientKeeper Corporate Fact Sheet 2017

PatientKeeper is a leading provider of healthcare applications for physicians, with more than 60,000 active physician users at community hospitals, academic medical centers and other provider organizations

PatientKeeper Benefits Summary

An overview of the benefits of PatientKeeper's physician workflow applications.

Improve CPOE Adoption by Using a Phased, Flexible Implementation Process

Many community hospitals that are now deploying CPOE for the first time, or are expanding or extending their CPOE solutions to meet Stage 2 Meaningful Use and beyond, may benefit from an approach to CPOE implementation that is more flexible than the traditional "big bang".

Realize More Value from MEDITECH

Overlaying integrated physician-friendly applications on top of existing MEDITECH installations helps hospitals compete in their communities and attain Meaningful Use sooner.

Providing a Single, Integrated Mobile App and Other Keys to Successful Physician Adoption of mHealth

Full clinical workflow support through a single app that integrates with EMRs and other clinical applications will be required to realize the full benefits of mHealth for both physicians and hospitals.

Toward Meaningful Usability: Five Keys to Creating Physician Centric CPOE

CPOE solutions must save physicians time; if they are merely "time-neutral", there's no compelling "tactical" advantage for physicians to use them. To date, such time savings through CPOE has not been widely achieved. However, it is possible - if CPOE system design is predicated on five key tenets.

The Complementary Role of Charge Capture in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Implementation

Healthcare facilities can achieve a rapid, tangible ROI from a best-of-breed Charge Capture solution in weeks