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How We Help

We advance healthcare with technology that empowers the physician.

Advancing Physician Satisfaction

Physicians are a crucial resource in any healthcare system. Helping them to be as efficient and productive as possible is a top priority for every hospital and practice group. Unfortunately, there are many things about today’s EHRs that work against this goal, from time-consuming training to unnatural workflows to alert fatigue.  PatientKeeper’s approach to health IT puts physicians first to ensure they maximize the amount of time spent caring for patients, which also contributes to their overall professional satisfaction and affinity for the organization with which they are affiliated.

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Advancing Clinical Care

PatientKeeper provides physician workflow applications that deliver a next-generation physician experience, and contribute to better and safer patient care. For example, PatientKeeper’s new adaptable user interface has the ability to tailor clinical data presentation based on a provider’s specialty, personal preferences and the patient’s situation. Highlighting the most important information saves time and reduces the chance a provider will miss an important result. This ensures timely, effective care and ultimately will improve outcomes and reduce cost.

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Advancing Organizational Effectiveness

PatientKeeper helps hospital executives address numerous strategic challenges. For instance, not long ago consulting physicians had to spend the night in the hospital just in case their expertise was needed. Then came pagers, and consultants were able to come to the hospital only as and when needed. Now PatientKeeper allows providers to completely review up-to-the-second information about a patient and properly triage that patient directly from the provider’s mobile device, enabling more efficient management of a hospital’s consultant resources.

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