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PatientKeeper Analytics

Gain New Insights into Charge Information with Visual Dashboards, Detailed Reports, and Ad Hoc Analysis

PatientKeeper Charge Analytics is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use analysis and reporting tool that offers powerful functionality right out of the box. It gives healthcare providers a complete decision support environment for analyzing the billing data created by PatientKeeper Charge Capture. Using proven business intelligence (BI) technology, PatientKeeper Analytics provides valuable information by highlighting relationships, correlations, patterns and other analytical insights to pinpoint problem areas. And it can display this information in visual graphs of key metrics, trends and patterns on a single screen.

PatientKeeper Charge Analytics is a complete, pre-built solution that is ready to use immediately. It includes all extract/translate/load (ETL) facilities, an intuitive data model, and pre-built reports. With PatientKeeper, organizations have a powerful decision support solution that highlights the trends and business insight needed to run a more profitable operation.