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PatientKeeper NoteWriter

Go from Paper to Electronic Notes, Painlessly

With PatientKeeper NoteWriter™, hospitals and physician practices can replace paper and transcription with immediately accessible, legible electronic notes. NoteWriter puts all relevant patient information in one place, thereby providing clinicians easy access to clinical data for simultaneous review and, if desired, inclusion within notes, which saves time and improves communication of pertinent new information.

NoteWriter facilitates communication among the entire healthcare team by creating a single source of patient information that is available through any Web browser. Immediate availability of clinical documentation accelerates billing cycles and results in more accurate revenue.

Hospitals and physicians that use NoteWriter:

  • Eliminate transcription costs
  • Efficiently create all required clinical documentation, freeing the clinician to focus on other care-related tasks
  • Improve communication and continuity of care with immediate access of newly created documentation to the entire clinical team
  • Increase billing accuracy and completeness
  • Realize accelerated revenue through faster billing cycles