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PatientKeeper Mobile CPOE

A Native App for "Anytime, Anywhere" Orders

PatientKeeper Mobile CPOE™ is a native app for Apple® iPhones® and iPads® that complements a hospital's existing CPOE solution. It can drive even greater physician adoption and sustained meaningful use of CPOE because it makes electronic order entry more convenient and accessible, anytime, anywhere.

By adding PatientKeeper's mobile CPOE app, a hospital can virtually eliminate telephone orders — a common yet inefficient workflow that seems convenient for physicians on the front end, yet ultimately consumes more time for physicians, nurses and medical records staff, and can compromise patient safety.

And because PatientKeeper Mobile CPOE works with whatever CPOE system already is in place — whether it's PatientKeeper's or any other vendor's — it's straightforward to implement.

PatientKeeper Mobile CPOE was named to mHealth Intelligence's list of top 10 healthcare mobile apps