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PatientKeeper Medication Reconciliation

Effectively Manage Medications and Improve Continuity of Care

For years, hospitals, clinicians and patients have struggled to find efficient and effective ways to manage medications at each transition in care – starting with admission, to transfer, and ultimately discharge. Medication reconciliation traditionally has required physicians to access, document, and reconcile medications from within multiple systems and workflows.

PatientKeeper Medication Reconciliationis the integrated solution for physicians, designed to support their workflow by allowing them to efficiently manage their patients’ medications from within a single system. PatientKeeper makes it easy for physicians and other clinicians to electronically track and transition patient medications from home to hospital at time of admission, and back to the home at time of discharge.

With PatientKeeper Medication Reconciliation, physicians and hospitals are able to improve patient safety by avoiding mistakes, duplications and omissions. The PatientKeeper Medication Reconciliation application has been developed to help fulfill the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal to accurately and completely reconcile medications across the continuum of care.