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Clinical Solutions

PatientKeeper offers a range of applications that automate and streamline physicians' clinical workflow, and deliver a uniquely physician-friendly user experience.  All are built on the PatientKeeper platform, which sits on top of and integrates with your hospital's existing EHR system.

CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry)

Allows physicians to enter orders for lab tests, diagnostic images, meds and other services within the hospital setting.

Mobile CPOE

Complements a hospital's existing CPOE solution by extending physicians' access to electronic ordering to their favorite mobile devices, including smartphones and iPads.

Medication Reconciliation

Allows physicians to view a medication list and allergies for their patients – providing a medication history report at the point of care.


Replaces paper and transcription with immediately accessible, legible electronic notes to facilitate communication among the entire healthcare team.

Mobile Clinical Results

Delivers a single view of all patient information – from lab results to clinical notes – to physicians on a smartphone or other mobile device.

Physician Portal

Provides physicians with a single environment to work with patient information from systems across the hospital and the healthcare community.


Enables physicians to more safely transfer care responsibility from one clinician to another.


Allows physicians to electronically review, edit and sign chart deficiencies from any Web browser– including transcribed reports, orders, and scanned documents.

Provider Directory

Gives physicians instant access to contact information for other physicians or resources in your community


Enables secure text chat among providers and other users within the PatientKeeper environment

                                        PatientKeeper is ONC-ACB EHR 2014 Edition Certified   


                                                 PatientKeeper is HCA's health IT innovation platform