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PatientKeeper eSignature

Sign Incomplete Records – Anytime, Anywhere

PatientKeeper eSignature™ allows physicians to electronically review, edit and sign chart deficiencies from any Web browser– including transcribed reports, orders, and scanned documents.

With PatientKeeper eSignature, hospital Health Information Management (HIM) departments can automate processes for physicians while achieving medical record documentation compliance:

  • Physicians are automatically delivered a list of unsigned documents - both dictated and scanned

  • Critically overdue items are highlighted

  • Providers can sign one or multiple records

  • Auto-scrolling, edit/decline capability and PIN caching streamline the process  

  • Current e-signature solutions can also be integrated into the PatientKeeper physician portal to give physicians a single access point for all their workflow

The result is timely chart completion for faster billing, improved communication, and overall physician satisfaction.