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PatientKeeper CPOE

Computerized Physician Order Entry Designed for Meaningful Physician Use

Over the past few years, numerous hospitals have invested in CPOE systems, and many of them have successfully attested to Stage 1 Meaningful Use. But now comes the hard part: Driving physician adoption of CPOE to 80 percent and beyond, and sustaining it. The key is providing a CPOE system that is intuitive, convenient, and that actually saves physicians time in other words, CPOE that physicians want to use.

PatientKeeper has accomplished just that. PatientKeeper CPOE™ was designed based on physician workflow, so it is quickly and easily adopted by physicians. They are able to translate all of the things they normally do throughout the day ordering labs, radiology, meds, etc. into a seamless system that connects all of the appropriate departments within the hospital and healthcare community. Other order-entry systems focus on the way the departments receive data, instead of how orders are entered. We design with the physician in mind.

PatientKeeper CPOE saves physicians time throughout the day by making it easy for them to place one-click "favorite orders", or order again from lab results. And PatientKeeper CPOE leverages a hospital's existing order catalogs and formulary, so they don't have to be rebuilt.