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     Physician-Friendly Charge Capture


PatientKeeper Charge Capture™ makes all the sense in the world, because it puts dollars in your wallet. Electronic charge capture software eliminates those irksome paper charge slips, which have a funny way of getting lost in pockets. By using PatientKeeper, you can enter charges wherever you are, on your smartphone, tablet, or any Web-connected computer, using the clinical language you're familiar with (instead of billing/coder-ese). Put an end to lost charges (and lost revenue) with the most physician-friendly charge capture software on the market.
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Capturing charges -- accurately, efficiently, and immediately -- is vital to the well-being of every healthcare system.And now, under ICD-10, with four times the number of diagnosis codes, having a fully electronic charge capture system is more important than ever. PatientKeeper Charge Capture™ increases revenue and cash flow by eliminating paper processes and replacing them with more efficient electronic charge capture and smarter coding. With an automated billing process from point of care to code scrubbing, PatientKeeper Charge Capture dramatically reduces the time to bill submission to just hours on average.
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IT Leadership

The advent of ICD-10 has made it virtually impossible to enter physician charges on paper anymore. For those that have not yet implemented electronic charge capture, now is the time. PatientKeeper not only offers the most proven charge capture software for hospitals and practice groups, it offers the most integrations to HIS and billing systems -- so deploying PatientKeeper Charge Capture™ can be a streamlined process that delivers rapid ROI.
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Billers & Coders

Using a paper-based charge entry system in today’s ICD-10 world is a biller’s or coder’s worst nightmare. That's why healthcare provider billing organizations are clamoring for electronic charge capture now -- and the most proven solution for hospitals and physician practices is PatientKeeper Charge Capture™. With its simple real-time code edits, and an administrative holding bin that allows billing staff to clean charges easily before sending them to the billing system, PatientKeeper is as "friendly" to billers and coders as it is to physicians. 
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