What we’re looking forward to at HIMSS21 (besides seeing people again)

August 4, 2021  |  Category: Health IT

As the U.S. gradually vaccinates its way out of the pandemic woods, those of us prepared to travel are looking forward to seeing like-minded people at HIMSS21 in Las Vegas. Several PatientKeeper executives shared their expectations for the upcoming conference.

What are you most looking forward to at HIMSS21?

“I would like to see how innovators in the healthcare IT space showcase their efforts post-pandemic.  We have seen a fundamental shift in the expectations of today’s clinicians. Providers have always wanted to have data, information, workflow and decision support capabilities that allow for rendering of patient care from outside the confines of a traditional brick and mortar hospital.  Post-pandemic, this has become a healthcare imperative, and I am most looking forward to seeing how the traditional players have shifted and how new entrants plan to address this need.”
ー Phil Meer, CEO

“Getting back to the normalcy of business and my first large in person trade show since HIMSS 2019… over two years ago! I am eager to network with colleagues both on the vendor and provider side.”
ー Barry Gutwillig, VP of Sales and Marketing

What are some trends/topics in health IT that you anticipate will dominate the show this year?

“I expect to see more focus on data integration and aggregation from a capability and standardization perspective.  While this has been typically a dominant topic in past HIMSS shows, this will take on more prominence in the context of the quest for interoperability across multiple products and platforms. I also expect that the role of the government in pushing for standards around interoperability and data availability in the interest of true ‘population health’ will be a dominant topic.”
Phil Meer, CEO

“I suspect the pandemic response will take center stage.  I look forward to hearing about the continued strides being made to allow system interoperability. I will have my ear tuned to how well the major EHR vendors will support interoperability. I imagine the pandemic exposed gaps and rigidity in EHR centric workflow.  What are those gaps? Specifically those gaps faced by clinicians and nurses (e.g. lack of mobility, poor care team communication, medication reconciliation errors, etc.).”
Barry Gutwillig, VP of Sales and Marketing

“I’m interested to observe whether any of the industry’s legacy EHR vendors are stepping up in terms of bringing true interoperability to bear within their platforms. In turn, I’m eager to investigate the queue of up-and-coming vendors purporting new era solutions for data integration, intelligence building and niche clinical workflows.”
Cathy Donohue, VP of Product Management

What new information might we learn at this year’s HIMSS conference?

“I am always excited to learn about new companies that offer solutions to one or more problems that the larger, more established names have been unable to tackle.   Healthcare is ripe for innovation and disruption, and new entrants tend to encourage more elaborate thinking and to challenge traditional methods. I am more excited to speak with companies that I have not heard of, to observe their demonstrations, and to learn about why they feel that their solutions will be differentiated, relevant, and sustainable in today’s healthcare market.”
ーPhil Meer, CEO

This is one of the very few major conferences I get to attend without being tethered to a booth.  I look forward to spending more time reviewing competitors and competitor messaging. In particular I find it interesting touring the outer edges of the exhibitor floor where the smaller start-ups tend to congregate. Oftentimes they are trying to solve niche problems that we have only begun thinking about.”
Barry Gutwillig, VP of Sales and Marketing

Bottom line: We can’t wait to learn more and hear from others (in-person!) about the great work being done, and what work we still have to do, to help healthcare providers deliver care, more efficiently and effectively.

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This post was written by PatientKeeper's TransforMED blogging team.