Reduce Physician Burnout: Improve the Provider Experience with PatientKeeper’s Clinical Communications Suite

July 8, 2021  |  Category: Physicians

Physician burnout isn’t a new problem born of the pandemic, but the past 16 months surely haven’t made it any better. An early-2021 Medscape Report found 44% of physicians reported burnout as having a strong or severe impact on their lives. While the most-commonly cited contributing factor is the overwhelming amount of bureaucratic and administrative tasks heaped upon providers, underlying that, whether acknowledged explicitly or not, is the electronic health records (EHR) system. The sad fact is many EHRs compound the administrative burden, and complicate providers’ clinical workflows to boot. 

In some respects, the pandemic has accelerated healthcare’s digital transformation, driving greater use of mobile tools and telehealth platforms, for example – trends that should increase both the efficiency and availability of patient care. But for physicians, the burnout problem is only growing, and is likely to remain a serious issue long after the rest of society has hung up its face masks.

As the world gradually recovers from the pandemic, we can expect that innovative approaches to healthcare, such as the increasing levels of telehealth services, will be more widely adopted.  Telehealth has become a vital component of many healthcare systems’ operations, and studies indicate this is likely to continue. Even after the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, maintaining access to telehealth will remain critical to providing greater access to some healthcare services throughout the world.

In addition to telehealth services, almost 70% of healthcare providers said the pandemic has inspired them to use more connected health tools in the future. With that comes the increased need and demand for mobile access to health IT solutions.  Between 2016 and 2019, investment in and use of digital health tools skyrocketed among physicians, and growth is anticipated to continue after the pandemic with a projected $189 billion in health IT spending by 2025. One key to the effectiveness of that spend will be directing it toward solutions that enhance providers’ delivery of patient care – tools that add real clinical value and reduce administrative overhead.

One Answer: PatientKeeper’s Clinical Communications Suite

PatientKeeper’s provider-facing mobile apps mesh well with this moment in healthcare history. The demand for mobility makes PatientKeeper’s Clinical Communication Suite (CCS) a perfect solution for providers on the go. It enables providers to view patient records stored in the hospital EHR system, and to communicate securely with care team colleagues, from any iOS or Android device.

Additional capabilities can be paired with PatientKeeper’s core CCS to streamline providers’ clinical workflow and enhance patient care. Here are several examples:

Reduce Administrative Burden

The first two complementary components are PatientKeeper NoteWriter™, a flexible clinical documentation application, and eSignature, which allows physicians to sign notes and forms on the go. By adding PatientKeeper NoteWriter and eSignature to PatientKeeper’s core CCS, healthcare organizations can improve efficiency and enable physicians to easily create and edit notes, and bring lab results and other patient data directly into the note. Having these capabilities on their mobile device, a busy physician attending to multiple patients can spend less time behind a computer screen and more time interacting at each patient’s bedside.

Streamline the Ordering Process

PatientKeeper’s CPOE module also is available on smartphones and tablets. It allows physicians to efficiently order medications, labs, tests, and more with fewer clicks, taps and screens.

When used in conjunction with one another, this combination of capabilities creates a unified system of engagement for providers that buffers them from having to interact directly with the hospital’s EHR system. The result is a robust, mobilized EHR optimization solution that streamlines provider workflow to enhance patient care and mitigate technology-induced physician burnout.

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This post was written by PatientKeeper's TransforMED blogging team.