Healthcare CBOs Need PatientKeeper Charge Aggregator to Accurately and Efficiently Process Charges

October 13, 2020  |  Category: Revenue Cycle

Among the many challenges facing the healthcare industry at this moment is rapid consolidation. Next to a pandemic, that may seem like small potatoes, but to many revenue cycle professionals, it’s huge. Because in large, multi-facility networks with a central billing office (CBO), processing charges from across the enterprise can be extremely time consuming and laborious, contributing to lengthy charge lag. Healthcare systems that prioritize revenue cycle efficiency seek a back-end system for their CBO that centralizes and manages erratic and unpredictable charge claim volumes.

To address this market dynamic, PatientKeeper is launching Charge Aggregator — a software solution for CBOs that imports professional charges from across the enterprise and, no matter what EHR or departmental system they come from, allows them to be collected, reconciled and cleaned in a single system, to process for timely billing.

Charge Aggregator surely will benefit CBO billers’ and coders’ workflow. But beyond that, when used in conjunction with PatientKeeper’s Charge-Note Reconciliation solution, hospitals can expect to see a roughly 20 percent increase in the volume of billable charges, potentially identifying millions of dollars in previously lost revenue.

At a time when hospitals are facing financial uncertainty, PatientKeeper Charge Aggregator enables CBO billers and coders to:

  • Extract charges from a multitude of different systems
  • Reconcile charges and notes at the department level or the physician level
  • Support practice management teams’ efforts to find lost professional charges based on the presence of a clinical note

Consolidating and processing charges has become a more time- and labor-intensive process for CBO professionals, as the average health system now works with 16 different EHR vendors across its network. PatientKeeper’s core competency and proven expertise in system integration makes Charge Aggregator a valuable tool for provider organizations as they look to strengthen their bottom lines.

To learn more about PatientKeeper Charge Aggregator, visit our website.

Vice President, Revenue Cycle Sales
Amy has been in the healthcare technology business for 25 years. Prior to PatientKeeper, she held positions at McKesson, Cerner, and UMass Memorial Medical Center.