My Unexpected First 100+ Days

August 25, 2020  |  Category: Company Updates

Five-plus months into my tenure as PatientKeeper CEO, I can say with certainty things have not gone as I ever would have imagined. (Of course, there probably isn’t a soul on planet Earth who would not say the same about 2020.)

And yet, despite the turmoil, things at PatientKeeper are going extremely well. First and foremost, our employees are healthy and energized, and the company has shifted to 100 percent remote work without skipping a beat. Our customers continue to report very high levels of satisfaction with PatientKeeper’s customer success teams and approach. We provided a set of complimentary enhancements to help our customers meet needs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, including modified order sets, new note templates and CPT codes, and an innovative provider notification enhancement for COVID lab results, all while waiving any charge capture fees associated with a temporary increase in billing providers. And we launched our Clinical Communications Suite Now offering to facilitate care team collaboration on mobile devices at a time when clinicians have to be able to work on the go, efficiently and effectively, like never before.

Our priorities for the remainder of this year include delivering electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) capabilities to meet regulatory requirements, extending interoperability capabilities with our first FHIR app (PatientKeeper Charge Capture integrated into Cerner EHR systems), and migrating our existing customers to the latest versions of our products.  Accomplishing these three things will set the stage for further innovation in 2021, focused still in the areas of mobility (PatientKeeper is embracing a “mobile first” product design philosophy), interoperability (expanding on the FHIR app we’re delivering this fall), and widespread deployment of our transformational version 9 platform.

I’ve always believed a company succeeds in large measure based on its responsiveness to customer needs. In 2020, responsiveness requires COVID speed – an accelerated sense of urgency that healthcare providers must demonstrate to their patients, and that IT vendors must demonstrate to healthcare providers. I’m proud that PatientKeeper has the talent and technology to operate at COVID speed. We’ve set an aggressive pace, and we continue to push it. If the past five months haven’t gotten your adrenaline pumping and ideas flowing, nothing will!

Chief Executive Officer