Beyond HIPAA-Compliant Texting: Top Healthcare Communications Solutions

April 20, 2020  |  Category: Clinical ApplicationsHealth IT

To better support interprofessional collaboration in healthcare, many provider organizations are adopting HIPAA-compliant texting solutions. This technology ensures that providers can easily communicate with their care team in a secure and fully-compliant manner.

However, even as adoption has grown, HIPAA-compliant texting isn’t solving all of the communications challenges that remain in hospitals, and some physicians even admit to using insecure methods of communication when they are looking to communicate with their team. Healthcare IT pros and hospital leadership should consider additional solutions that build on the benefits of secure texting, and add functionality on top of it:

  • e-Signature capabilities: Within a communications solution, the ability to easily sign off on patient notes can help to expedite patient care without disrupting the physician’s workflow. This feature provides a simple way for physicians to review, edit and sign chart deficiencies, including transcribed reports, orders and scanned documents.
  • Integration with revenue cycle solutions: Missing and unassigned charges are a huge issue in the healthcare setting, costing care providers millions of dollars each year. Hospital leaders should identify communications solutions that easily integrate with their revenue cycle technology and team to streamline this process and ensure no charges are left on the table.
  • In-context information: Oftentimes a text update itself isn’t enough to arm care team members with all the information necessary to maintain continuity in patient care. Communications tools that enable users to include in-context information such as lab results, a photo of a wound that requires consult, or radiology images can save time by eliminating unnecessary back and forth and enable more efficient communication with physicians who may be off-site.

As organizations continue to explore solutions to improve workflow and effective communication in healthcare, considering robust options that provide features beyond secure texting will pay dividends by improving not only the care team’s experience but also the hospital’s bottom line.

This post was written by PatientKeeper's TransforMED blogging team.