Impeccable Timing

March 19, 2020  |  Category: Company Updates

They say timing is everything. My experience as the new Chief Executive Officer at PatientKeeper is ample evidence.

Within 72 hours of starting my job last week, HIMSS20 was cancelled, COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, and what previously had appeared as societal ripples began to look and feel like a devastating medical tsunami.

For me, as for most people, that was a lot to process, new job notwithstanding – and since PatientKeeper lives in the world of healthcare IT, the events also were of immediate and significant business relevance. Our customers are some of the pre-eminent healthcare provider organizations in North America, and we shoulder a portion of the responsibility for keeping their physicians productive. Now more than ever, that is a responsibility we welcome.

I feel fortunate to have joined an organization that has 20 years of experience doing what we do – a mission-driven company, with a culture rooted in innovation and customer service – and yet still retains a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Not to mention a company blessed with a strong, veteran senior management team and loyal employee base. That’s a powerful combination which serves our clients and our employees very well.

So as I see it, timing is opportunity. I’m jumping in to my new role with both feet, at a time our customers require the most responsive and reliable guidance and support possible.  Our organization (like all companies, large and small) is working tirelessly to navigate how best to maintain flawless operations with all employees working remotely. In circumstances like these, it helps to be a technology-savvy company with a superb infrastructure and the resources of a Fortune 50 enterprise behind us. Admittedly, the COVID-19 crisis will likely slow my plans to meet all of PatientKeeper’s clients and employees face to face. But it will happen – all in good time.

Chief Executive Officer