Four Questions to Assess the Health of Your Charge Capture Solution

July 14, 2019  |  Category: Revenue Cycle

Every healthcare provider understands intuitively the importance of capturing physicians’ charges accurately and expeditiously. After all, charges feed the billing system and keep the practice humming financially.

Assessing the adequacy of the current charge capture system, and whether and how to upgrade it, is not quite so intuitive, however. Here are a few questions worth asking to guide the decision:

  • How do your organization’s charge capture processes work today? What is working best?
  • How might you take your organization’s charge capture processes to the next level?
  • What are your organization’s specific goals for a charge capture upgrade?
  • Where are the “connect points” for a new charge capture system with your current revenue cycle automation environment?

Your answers to these questions will help determine the best course for your organization and lay the groundwork for vendor and product selection, while ensuring dollars are not lost in the process.

Vice President, Revenue Cycle Sales
Amy has been in the healthcare technology business for 25 years. Prior to PatientKeeper, she held positions at McKesson, Cerner, and UMass Memorial Medical Center.