The Song of HIMSS

March 20, 2018  |  Category: Health IT

There is a familiar rhythm to the annual HIMSS conference.  Veteran exhibitors such as PatientKeeper begin preparations months in advance, following a time-tested project plan.  Organizational muscle memory kicks in as team members strategize and execute in their respective areas of expertise: booth design, product demonstration scripts, marketing themes and materials.

Then, once at the conference, there is a familiar rhythm to the days.  Foot traffic through the exhibit hall starts slowly and builds through the first day, peaks on day two, and tapers off by the third afternoon.

There also are familiar melodies that emanate from HIMSS educational sessions.  You know them: the upbeat ditty (health IT will dramatically benefit patient care… eventually); the blues (EHRs are dragging physicians down); the shuffle (new regulations are in, old regulations are out); and the soulful lament (where for art thou, interoperability?).

Some people tire of the same old songs, yet they are classics for a reason – they speak of industry truths that are hard (and therefore slow) to change.  In the face of those realities, we must re-double our collective efforts.  We didn’t get into health IT because it’s easy; we’re here because it’s important.  We are creative and persistent.  And we know how to carry a tune.

This post was written by PatientKeeper's TransforMED blogging team.