When Will Interoperability Be a "Given" in Health IT?

January 31, 2017  |  Category: Physicians

Fortunately, basic interoperability among general office systems was achieved long ago. It is now hard to imagine not being able to exchange emails or documents easily with a colleague inside or outside your organization.

But what if you could not successfully send an email, note or even conduct a quick phone call with someone in another office because your systems were technically incompatible? This is a daily challenge and frustration for physicians, many of whom to this day are unable to share information between hospitals and health practices due to a lack of interoperability among EHR systems. It looks and feels a bit like this:

Lack of interoperability among EHRs poses a problem for physicians trying to get complete patient data






With some prodding from the government, health IT vendors now are working to resolve this thorny problem. Of course, PatientKeeper has long had a core competency in integration, so users of our systems have always been able to access and act on patient information from a wide array of EHRs and departmental systems. Just as office workers don’t give interoperability a second thought, physicians and other clinicians shouldn’t have to, either.

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This post was written by PatientKeeper's TransforMED blogging team.