This is What “Alert Fatigue” Might Feel Like in a Non-Medical Office

January 26, 2017  |  Category: Physicians

It is difficult for non-physicians to appreciate just how frustrating using EHR systems can be for physicians.

So imagine this: What if you (a white-collar professional working in an office in any business) were interrupted by intrusive, on-screen alerts every time you sent or received an e-mail, or did anything else on your computer?

Animated graphic depicting the scourge of unnecessary alerts






Such unproductive disruptions are a way of life for users of many EHR systems, who are constantly being alerted by the computer to even the most routine patient care activities they have done thousands of times. Unnecessary alerts hinder physician productivity and patient care. That’s why it is imperative that hospitals optimize their EHR with an eye to eliminating “alert fatigue” and streamlining physician workflow.

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This post was written by PatientKeeper's TransforMED blogging team.