A Different Kind of “Healthcare Provider”

June 9, 2015  |  Category: Company Updates

In this day and age, “healthcare” can take many forms. We typically think of services delivered by doctors, nurses, or other certified providers in an office, clinic or hospital. In the future, these traditional approaches are likely to change; for example, we’ll probably see more services delivered remotely via mHealth technologies to patients in their homes.

More broadly defined, however, “healthcare” can also include what an organization like Boston’s Cradles to Crayons (C2C) provides: material life-support to a focused segment of society. In the case of C2C, it supplies “essentials” – specifically clothing, school supplies and toys – free of charge to children from birth to early teens living in low-income and homeless situations, by engaging and connecting communities that have, with communities that need. It’s no stretch to say C2C contributes significantly to the emotional and psychological health of the children and families it serves.

Given PatientKeeper’s long-standing connection to the Boston healthcare community, it seemed fitting that our employees spent an afternoon last week volunteering at the C2C “giving factory”, sorting and packaging donated clothes and toys; in addition to their time, they also donated a significant amount of goods and cash. This was the second time our company volunteered at C2C – we held a similar event early last year – and both times our team came away impressed with the C2C organization and appreciative for the opportunity to serve.

And we realized that each of us, even those of us without initials after our name, can be a “healthcare provider”.

Vice President, Human Resources
Mike brings over 20 years of human resource management experience to PatientKeeper. He has worked for a broad spectrum of organizations from professional partnerships to Fortune 100 companies, including Philips Medical Systems and McKesson.