Making Physicians Smile

July 1, 2014  |  Category: Clinical ApplicationsPhysicians

On a webinar last week, the IT director at a Southern California community hospital shared his recipe for making physicians smile: Take one part well-designed clinical workflow software, blend with a culture of close collaboration between IT and medical staff, and bake for 12 months. At Community Memorial Health System (CMHS), now one year down the path since its initial deployment of PatientKeeper CPOE, the result has been consistent, voluntary physician adoption of a highly productive IT solution.

Among the interesting points Thomas Kniss made in his presentation:

  • Because CMHS operates in a highly competitive market for physicians and clinical staff, the organization made a decision to treat clinical IT as a lever for competitive advantage.
  • CMHS engages physicians early and often in relevant IT decisions, to maximize the odds that technology the hospital purchases and deploys will be embraced by physician users.
  • Having a usable EMR was so important to CMHS physicians that they voted to forego a number of medical equipment purchases for a year in order to fund the PatientKeeper project.
  • Word-of-mouth about the PatientKeeper system among early-adopter physicians at CMHS was so strong that other physicians pushed to get access faster than the original, phased IT deployment calendar called for.

What’s your hospital’s recipe for driving physician engagement with and adoption of IT? And is it producing smiles or frowns? Let us know.

This post was written by PatientKeeper's TransforMED blogging team.