Spring Gleaning

May 29, 2014  |  Category: PhysiciansRegulatory Updates

Hospital executives are not shy about sharing their impressions, experiences and (especially) frustrations with healthcare IT. So as PatientKeeper talks to its customers and prospects, we learn a lot. Here’s a sampling of insights gleaned from recent conversations:

  • Technology in and of itself is not what keeps hospital CEOs awake at night; but they do care deeply about how technology can be applied to address their most pressing, top-of-the-priority-list management issues: financial challenges, healthcare reform implementation, governmental mandates, and patient safety and quality, to name a few.
  • Aligning more closely with physicians is a strategic imperative. Unfortunately, typical hospital systems do little to engage physicians in a positive way; in fact, most systems have exactly the opposite effect: they often annoy (or outright alienate) physicians.
  • Implementing ICD-10 – even with an extra year to get ready – remains a daunting prospect and a huge resource sink that touches, directly or indirectly, nearly every hospital department and operation. The more that staff can be “buffered” from the inherent complexity of ICD-10, the better.

Several themes here are unmistakable: “Solutions” matter far more to senior management than core technology, and system ease-of-use is paramount. Given that “improving efficiency through productivity and financial management” is mentioned* by a majority of hospital and health system leaders as their top strategic priority over the next three years, those themes are going to become even more important. Healthcare IT vendors, like their customers, are in a high-stakes game; we at PatientKeeper like the cards we’re holding.

* Source: Spencer Stuart / AHA Leadership Survey, 2013.


This post was written by PatientKeeper's TransforMED blogging team.