ICD-Day Redux

May 8, 2014  |  Category: Regulatory UpdatesRevenue Cycle

Now it appears CMS will push to make Oct. 1, 2015 the new ICD-10 cut-over date, the earliest permitted under the law enacted by Congress last month.

So where does this leave healthcare providers who were on track to meet the previous 2014 deadline? After uttering a few choice words and taking a deep breath, they’re most likely re-calibrating their roll-out, testing and training calendars to ensure their systems and teams are fully up to speed and primed to take the leap 17 months hence – without “peaking” too early. The extra 12 months allows more organizations to have systems, including physician charge capture, installed and fully optimized for the more complex coding system. Because as unwieldy as paper charge capture is using ICD-9, it will be nearly impossible under ICD-10.

Not all providers are equally appreciative of this apparent 12 month “reprieve” in the launch of ICD-10. But chances are all can put it to good use.

This post was written by PatientKeeper's TransforMED blogging team.