Survey says!…

December 18, 2012  |  Category: Health IT

Modern Healthcare recently published results of its first reader survey of the “most important mobile healthcare apps”, and PatientKeeper finished in the top 10. In fact, PatientKeeper tied for sixth place overall (right behind e-mail) – and ranked first among “EHR access” apps, one of the top five most important app categories identified by MH readers.

OK, another health IT industry survey; why does this one matter? Because mHealth is indisputably the technology-driven trend that will affect the delivery of healthcare more dramatically than any other in coming years. We’re seeing the beginning of it now; anybody who doubts the future impact of mHealth is not paying attention, or is a chronic denier. But for mHealth to achieve its promise, engaging more physicians is paramount. As was noted recently on the mHIMSS blog:

“In places like Intermountain Healthcare, UPMC, Partners Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Palomar Health, the Mayo Clinic and Providence Health, they’re pushing mHealth by offering labs or centers where such tools and services can be tested and tweaked, or they’re rolling out programs to a select few, then showing the rest how well it’s been done.  In that way, doctors and nurses don’t have to buy into mHealth until they see how others are doing it.”

Many of PatientKeeper’s customers follow this model. We find our mobile app is catching on in part because it offers more than basic EHR access – it’s “mobilizing” the complete physician workflow – and because (as a native app) it provides physicians a great user experience on their smartphone or tablet.

It’s good to see mHealth apps generally – and those that make physicians more efficient and effective, in particular – capturing the spotlight (thanks, MH). Expect that spotlight to get brighter and more intense going forward.

This post was written by PatientKeeper's TransforMED blogging team.