The Gift that Keeps Giving

November 7, 2011  |  Category: Clinical ApplicationsPhysicians

If hospitals think that physicians will willingly accept (and “meaningfully” use) clinical information systems that are inherently difficult to learn and operate, think again. Physicians will not incorporate “unfriendly” IT into their workflow out of some altruistic sense of “good corporate citizenship”.  If you want proof, consider nearly 40 years of CPOE history, marked most notably (at least until recently) by consistently low levels of physician adoption.

Rather, hospital CIOs should embrace the philosophy of “enlightened self-interest” to drive physician adoption of IT.  If a clinical information system makes a physician’s life easier – read: enables the physician to care for his or her patients better (more effectively and efficiently) – they’ll be all over it. And as a “side effect,” the hospital will realize its own benefits: better patient outcomes; securing “meaningful use” incentive payments; smoother operations; and the competitive advantage of greater physician affinity.

In other words, physician efficiency is the gift that keeps on giving.