Super Committee Speculation

September 2, 2011  |  Category: Regulatory Updates

Have you ever felt compelled to say something when there isn’t much to say? It’s awkward. That seems to have been the situation last week when HIMSS published a fact sheet about the possible impact on healthcare IT funding that may result from deliberations of the congressional Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction (aka the “Super Committee”). The problem was that there was no available information from the government as to what will happen.

Will “Meaningful Use” incentive payments fall victim to the Super Committee axe? Probably not – but who knows whether the focus of the Super Committee will be on reductions to entitlements or stimulus programs previously voted into law. The committee has not yet conducted its research, nor held its (likely contentious) debates, nor made any (likely controversial) recommendations.

So HIMSS published a four-page paper to say, in effect, “anything could happen.” Well, no argument there.

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