CIOs Must Provide Physicians Service and Software

June 27, 2011  |  Category: Physicians

Anthony Guerra’s column last week in InformationWeek Healthcare notes (correctly) that hospital CIOs must provide their clinician “customers” excellent customer service to make IT allies of doctors and nurses.

While service surely is critical, a CIO’s relationship with physicians begins with the software they give doctors to use. And all too often, that software – especially when it’s part of the hospital’s core HIS – isn’t physician-friendly. The traditional HIS is designed to run a hospital’s operations, not to streamline the physician’s workflow. PatientKeeper has been successful precisely because we design our software with physician workflow in mind; we deliver physician-centric applications as an overlay to the HIS, so CIOs don’t have to change anything about their IT infrastructure. They like that.

There’s no doubt that providing excellent “customer service” is imperative for the success of a hospital IT group, and should be at the top of the CIO’s list of priorities. But providing top-notch service is a lot easier if IT has given users the right tools (with the right user experience) for their jobs from the get-go. When it comes to reducing stress in the physician-CIO relationship, PatientKeeper works better than Valium.