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PatientKeeper Launches Charge Aggregator Solution to Streamline Healthcare Billing for Health Networks

As health systems face financial challenges, PatientKeeper’s proprietary technology increases billable charge volume by 20% on average

WALTHAM, MA – October 14, 2020 — PatientKeeper®, Inc. a national provider of electronic health record (EHR) optimization software solutions, today announced the immediate availability of PatientKeeper Charge Aggregator™.  This software enables a healthcare network’s central billing office (CBO) to efficiently consolidate, reconcile, and process charges generated across multiple facilities, specialties, and systems.

The PatientKeeper Charge Aggregator launch comes at a critical moment for healthcare, as consolidation continues to occur at a rapid rate. One Deloitte study estimates that the rate of hospital acquisitions will leave only 50 percent of current health systems remaining in 10 years. This degree of consolidation leads to many health systems working with an average of 16 different EHR vendors at any given time, which makes it time and labor intensive for CBO professionals to access, confirm, and process clinical charges.

PatientKeeper Charge Aggregator provides billers and coders, many of whom are working remotely amid the pandemic, user-friendly technology to efficiently consolidate and normalize charges coming from multiple EHRs and hospital departments.  It also utilizes automated logic to optimize the billing process. When used in conjunction with PatientKeeper’s charge-note reconciliation tool, billing professionals can match charges to clinical notes to help ensure billing accuracy and completeness.

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About PatientKeeper

PatientKeeper’s EHR optimization software solutions streamline clinician workflow, improve care team collaboration, and fill functional gaps in existing hospital EHR systems.  With PatientKeeper as the “system of engagement” complementing the EHR, clinicians can easily access and act on all their patient information from PCs, smartphones and tablets. PatientKeeper has more than 70,000 active users today. For more information about PatientKeeper, visit or call (781) 373-6100.