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PatientKeeper Partners with TechSpring to Develop FHIR-Based Physician Charge Capture App for Cerner EHRs

WALTHAM, Mass., June 23, 2020 – PatientKeeper®, Inc. today announced it has partnered with TechSpring, Baystate Health’s technology innovation center, to configure PatientKeeper Charge Capture™ software as a FHIR-based app embedded in Cerner® electronic health records (EHR) systems to streamline clinicians’ charge capture workflow.

The project is PatientKeeper’s first foray into developing its own FHIR-based app, creating a new mechanism for healthcare provider organizations to integrate PatientKeeper into their existing EHR and workflow. Consistent with its focus on interoperability, PatientKeeper currently integrates third-party FHIR-based apps into its platform so clinician users can easily access additional functionality within a patient centric framework.

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About PatientKeeper

PatientKeeper’s EHR optimization software solutions streamline clinician workflow, improve care team collaboration, and fill functional gaps in existing hospital EHR systems.  With PatientKeeper as the “system of engagement” complementing the EHR, clinicians can easily access and act on all their patient information from PCs, smartphones and tablets. PatientKeeper has more than 70,000 active users today. For more information about PatientKeeper, visit or call (781) 373-6100.