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PatientKeeper Deploys its EHR Optimization Software at 24 Healthcare Provider Organizations in 2018

Version 9 beta test results and new strategic partnerships position PatientKeeper for growth in 2019

  • PatientKeeper deploys its EHR optimization software at 24 sites in 2018, representing 1,900 physician users
  • PatientKeeper version 9 software beta test generates enthusiastic physician response
  • New partnerships with EHR vendor MEDHOST and mobile documentation solution vendor ShareableFORMS position PatientKeeper for growth in 2019

WALTHAM, Mass., Dec. 19, 2018 – PatientKeeper®, Inc. is entering 2019 buoyed by momentum generated from its version 9 beta test results, and deployments of its EHR optimization solutions at two dozen hospitals and physician practices around the U.S. and Canada. Sites at which PatientKeeper deployed its software in 2018 comprise nearly 1,900 physician users.

PatientKeeper optimizes an organization’s existing electronic health records (EHR) system to make the technology more efficient and effective for physicians, healthcare’s most scarce and valuable resource.

Of the 24 organizations that deployed PatientKeeper in 2018, 75 percent focused on specific modules, such as PatientKeeper NoteWriter™ for streamlining clinical documentation, PatientKeeper Messaging™ for secure, real-time text and image communication, or PatientKeeper Charge Capture™ to ensure complete and accurate professional billing. The rest installed all of PatientKeeper’s modules as a complete clinical workflow solution for physicians, including several hospitals that successfully replaced their Cerner systems with MEDITECH EHRs optimized with PatientKeeper. At all sites, PatientKeeper’s software was tightly integrated with the organizations’ EHR system(s) of record, billing system and other sources of clinical information.

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About PatientKeeper

PatientKeeper’s EHR optimization software solutions streamline clinician workflow, improve care team collaboration, and fill functional gaps in existing hospital EHR systems.  With PatientKeeper as the “system of engagement” complementing the EHR, clinicians can easily access and act on all their patient information from PCs, smartphones and tablets. PatientKeeper has more than 70,000 active users today. For more information about PatientKeeper, visit or call (781) 373-6100.