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At Community Memorial Health System, 98 Percent of Orders and Notes Are Completed Electronically Using PatientKeeper

Southern California hospital delivers superior EHR user experience to physicians via PatientKeeper overlay on top of MEDITECH Client/Server hospital information system

Waltham, MA – Mar. 4, 2015PatientKeeper,® Inc., a leading provider of healthcare applications for physicians, today announced that 98 percent of all orders and physician notes are being entered electronically at its customer, Community Memorial Health System (CMHS) in Ventura County, California, as a result of widespread adoption of PatientKeeper CPOE™ and PatientKeeper NoteWriter™.

The success of PatientKeeper has given the hospital a competitive advantage in attracting physicians to practice there.

“Our physicians are delighted with the ease of use of the PatientKeeper applications,” Stanley Frochtzwajg, M.D., CMHS’s Chief Medical Officer, said. “They are able to see consults, orders and other documents immediately – and everything is legible. Just as important, our nurses and pharmacists are thrilled to have instant access to these items.”

For some physicians who also practice at other nearby hospitals, the contrast between CMHS’s PatientKeeper system and the EHR they use elsewhere is especially stark. “I’ve had physicians seek me out specifically to tell me how much they prefer our EHR,” Dr. Frochtzwajg said. “Most doctors can get up and running on PatientKeeper in 30 minutes.”

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About PatientKeeper

PatientKeeper®, Inc. is a leading provider of healthcare applications for physicians. PatientKeeper provides highly intuitive software that streamlines physicians’ workflow to improve productivity and patient care. Currently the company is developing an innovation platform to make IT an indispensable tool for 21st century clinical care. PatientKeeper’s CPOE, physician documentation, electronic charge capture and other applications run on desktop and laptop computers and popular mobile devices. PatientKeeper’s software integrates with many existing healthcare information systems to effectively support healthcare providers in adopting technology, meeting MACRA requirements, and transitioning to value-based care. PatientKeeper has more than 65,000 active physician users today. For more information about PatientKeeper, visit or call (781) 373-6100.